ATTR Item's

#define ATTR_IDENTIFIED        0x0001    // This is the identified name. ???
#define ATTR_DECAY            0x0002    // Timer currently set to decay.
#define ATTR_NEWBIE            0x0004    // Not lost on death or sellable ?
#define ATTR_MOVE_ALWAYS    0x0008    // Always movable (else Default as stored in client) (even if MUL says not movalble) NEVER DECAYS !
#define ATTR_MOVE_NEVER        0x0010    // Never movable (else Default as stored in client) NEVER DECAYS !
#define ATTR_MAGIC            0x0020    // DON'T SET THIS WHILE WORN! This item is magic as apposed to marked or markable.
#define ATTR_OWNED            0x0040    // This is owned by the town. You need to steal it. NEVER DECAYS !
#define ATTR_INVIS            0x0080    // Gray hidden item (to GM's or owners?)
#define ATTR_CURSED            0x0100
#define ATTR_CURSED2        0x0200    // cursed damned unholy
#define ATTR_BLESSED        0x0400
#define ATTR_BLESSED2        0x0800    // blessed sacred holy
#define ATTR_FORSALE        0x1000    // For sale on a vendor.
#define ATTR_STOLEN            0x2000    // The item is hot. m_uidLink = previous owner.
#define ATTR_CAN_DECAY        0x4000    // This item can decay. but it would seem that it would not (ATTR_MOVE_NEVER etc)
#define ATTR_STATIC            0x8000    // WorldForge merge marker. (not used)

Strana: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10
Strana: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10

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